Best 21 Gauge Pin Nailer In 2022: Our Top List

Finally, you decided on getting quarter-round trims for the baseboard.

Now you have to decide on which nail gun to use!

That’s a lot of mental work before the actual work. We are here to do some of the work for you, the thinking part of course.

21 gauge pin nailer 2″ is suitable for most of the trim work you will do around your house. It is not too small like the 23 gauge micro pin nailer nor too big like the 18 gauge brad nailer.

The size is in between for those who are searching for the perfect hold and invisibility. The best 21 gauge pin nailer will keep the trims in place and leave the least amount of debt.

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Why Do We Use A Pin Nailer?

If you are a beginner and do not know when pin nailers are used, please check the following usages.

For Decorative Panels

To hold the decorative panels in place, pin nailers are the perfect gun. They are perfect for these panel attachments.

They are suitable because they don’t create a big hole in the decoration. This pin nailer helps to create a smooth, seamless look on the decorative panels and light trims.

Furniture Work

Professional carpenters like to use this size pin nailers for their projects. These have the right side of the head and don’t create many dents on the wood surface.

Also, it has got enough strength to hold light furniture together. Usually, the tips of this nail gun are narrow. It is easier for users to reach tricky parts.

Setting Glue

Pin nailers also help to hold the light trims, panels, furniture pieces together while the glue sets. Using it to dry the glue helps the pieces bond together better.

The combination of glue and pin makes the joint tough. For long-term uses, this is the best method to hold the pieces together.

Best 21 Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews

We searched far and wide to gather the top performing 21 gauge pin nailers on our list. Of course, we will share that with you. Here you go!

1. Pinner 21lxp Al Med Head 21ga

Senco 21 Gauge Pin Nailer

Senco nail guns are always professional carpenter’s favorite due to their ergonomic design. They try to put the user’s comfort on top priority.

The pinner 21lxp Al Med Head 21ga nail gun is both lightweight and easy to carry all day. It is due to its ergonomic handle with padding. You can easily fire 170 pin nails with comfort.

That is the holding capacity of the magazine. Also, the magazine has an automatic feature that adjusts to the different pin nail lengths.

The Senco 21 gauge pin nailer is quite powerful because it can drive pin nails into hardwoods easily. However, it leaves a tiny indent compared to 18ga brad nails.

The pin nails have significant holding strength compared to 23ga micro nails. So, get the hold without the obvious dent.

Its ultra-narrow nose reaches tight spaces, spaces between two trims, cavities. This pin is ideal for attaching decorative panels.

Also, professional carpenters find this feature crucial because there are nooks and crannies you have to get into to pin everything in place securely.

It comes with a reversible belt hook to hold the gun when not working. Also, it rotates not to become a nuisance when you are working with the nail gun.

The nail lockout system prevents any dry fire. This is important because that can cause damage to the workpiece

Therefore, your project is safe when this pin nailer is used on it. The rear exhaust comes with a built-in muffler. This significantly reduces the noise while you pin everything.

Highlighted Features

  • The handle has an ergonomic design.
  • Magazine automatically adjusts to different length pins.
  • Ultra-narrow nose reaches tight spaces with ease.
  • The rear exhaust comes with a muffler to reduce noise significantly.
  • The nail lockout system prevents dry fire.


This pin nailer has many features that you would expect from the best 21 gauge pin nailer. The narrow nose design, more magazine capacity make it a professional carpenter’s favorite. If you want to do detailed work, this nail gun can nail it for you.

2. Cadex V2/21.55A 21 Gauge Pinner

Cadex 21 Gauge Pin Nailer

Handling pin nailers is tough, and it is tougher when you want to do some floor work. Pinning those T&G flooring is now a piece of cake.

The Cadex V2/21.55A, 21 gauge pinner kit comes with a spare tip dedicated to laying those flooring and pinning them in place.

The pinner lets you work with ease and precision. This pin nailer is the perfect nail gun for T&G floorings.

The pin nailer drives 21 gauge pin nails. The nail length starts at 1/2″ and goes up to 2-3/16″. These pins have heads, but they are tiny. 21 gauge-headed 2-inch pin nailer pins are better than the headless ones.

The heads also add some holding power to the pins. That is why they have more grip strength than the micro pins.

Codex 21 gauge pin nailer has a no-mar tip for workplace safety. The pin nailer gun tip is made up of rubber.

 This eliminates the chances of the nail causing damage to the work surface. The magazine nail holding capacity is 120. The nail gun uses 70 to 100 psi.

It is lightweight and easy to hold when you are working. This pin nailer gun does not have a rubber grip. Instead, it has no-slip silicone paint that does not make your hand warn when working in hot weather.

The reverse contact safety feature saves you from accidental shots. It only fires when the nose is against the workpiece. You don’t need to apply pressure with the entire gun.

The kit comes with a deluxe sustained case and a 2000 slight headpin. It has a built-in blow gun to clean any wood chips.

Highlighted Features

  • Drives 1/2″ to 2-3/16″ nails.
  • Has no-mar tip for workpiece safety.
  • Holds 120-piece nails at once.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The kit comes with a holding box and 2000- piece pin nails.


The full set is worth it because the pin nails are galvanized and corrosion-resistant. The nail gun is suitable for flooring and other light trim work. Thus, it makes it perfect for professional and domestic use.

21-gauge Pin Nailer Buying Guide

Search for the best 21 gauge pin nailer brought us to a decision that some features must be there in a nail gun to make it user-friendly.

You might want to look out for those features which will make pinning your projects a piece of cake.

Ergonomic Design

Since you will be holding the pin nailer for a long time, you have to make sure that the nail gun you are getting is comfortable for your hands.

If the gripping handle is padded, it is easier to carry around. The gun should have a balanced design. Having a belt hook helps to keep it close to you all the time.


We cannot stress enough for handy tools to be lightweight. This is because the user is going to carry the pin nailer around the house for a long time. A project can take several days.

You may have to carry the nail gun all day. That’s why it should put less stress on your hands, especially if you do it daily.

Narrow Tip

Having a narrow tip Will help you do reach tight spaces. You can get into corners with a narrow tip. Also, in decorative panels and furniture, a narrow tip helps to reach the crevices of the design.

Furthermore, a tiny tip gives you a better line of sight, and you can shoot nails precisely. A narrow tip helps with precision.


The pin nailer must have a trigger lock system. This stops accidental fire and damage of any kind. It is better for your safety as well. You have to remember that safety comes first.

Best 21 gauge pin nailer

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 21 gorge nails used for?

Ans. 21 gauge Nails are better for delicate trim work and decorative panels. It doesn’t leave an obvious dent on the surface like the 18ga Brad nails. It is suitable for molding, paneling, and making furniture.

Is the 21 gauge pin nailer the smallest?

Ans. The 21 gauge Pin nailer is the second smallest pin nailer after the 23 gauge micro pin nailer. It is smaller than the 18 Brad nails. It is suitable for woodwork that demands something between 18 and 23 gauge.

Is a 21 gauge pin nailer safe to use?

Ans. This pin nailer is safe to use if it has a safety lock system. Although, it doesn’t use the safety features of the finish nailer. But it has safety for trigger use.

How do you oil a 21 gauge pin nailer?

Ans. Two oil this pin nailer, you have to put the oil on the swivel coupling. Then you have to attach the compressor hose.

When you start the compressor, the oil will travel inside the nail gun on its own. You have to do it every time you use the pin nailer to keep it going for long.


Tricky trims and delicate furniture pieces need extra effort. You need the extra strength compared to the micro pin nailer for holding the pieces together.

Also, you want it to be discreet, so it is not obvious and ruining the design of the decoration panel. A 21 gauge pin nailer will do the job.

You may have a nail gun in mind after reading the 21 gauge pin nailer reviews, but we have a suggestion if you haven’t done so yet. The Cadex V2/21.55A 21 gauge pinner has many features to impress a pro carpenter. The best 21 gauge pin nailer will give a flawless finish to your woodwork that will look like it’s professionally done.

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