The 5 Best Corded Brad Nailer Of 2022: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Running from here to there won’t be fruitful if you don’t search effectively. Searching for anything is not easy; it is very distracting and annoying.

For an effective hunt, you need to filter your search first. From good to bad to necessary to additional features— all the aspects must be spotted and arranged.

Sounds really wearying, right?

Don’t worry. You won’t have to do a thing. I have already made this exclusive list of best brad nailers. I have sorted them strategically with only the finest one with useful features. All you have to do is scroll down and choose your desired corded brad nailer.

Corded Brad Nailer Reviews

Let’s read the best brad nailer reviews. I know too many options will distract you from the right one. That’s why I have listed here only 5 brad nailers. Hope you find yours easily.

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1. WEN 61721 18-Gauge Pneumatic Brad Nailer with 2000 Nails

wen 61721 brad nailer

Among all the brad nailers, WEN 61721 18-Gauge Pneumatic Brad Nailer is the best option to choose for binding lightweight wood trims.

It is very popular among professional workers who use brad nailers on a daily basis. Follow me to know more the features of this outstanding tool.

The thinner the nails the more flawless the work is. The nails of WEN 61721 Brad Nailer are 18 gauge in thickness which means 18 nails can fit into one inch. If you want to attach wood pieces without showing depression of hammering, you must choose this brad nailer for its thinner pins.

This nailer will also free you from the hassle of buying nails separately. It comes with a package of 2000 nails ranging from 3/8 to 2 inches in length. You can select your desired nail length from this range.

The next facet of the nailer is the spring-loaded magazine which has a capacity to hold up to 106 nails at a time. The spacious magazine will save you from pinching hands while putting the nails into it.

How would you feel if the nails run out in the middle of your work without any warning? Disgusted, right? No worries. The WEN brad nailer has a nail gauge through which you can keep an eye on remaining nails in the magazine.

It is quite common in brad nailers to have nail jams. This WEN nailer is not free from this drawback either. But WEN 61721 has a nose latch which will enable you to clean jammed nails more conveniently.

The nailer operates in the range of 60-115 PSI pressure. Each nail consumes a very little amount of air (0.028 CFM) at 88 PSI pressure. You need a fast and tight connection to the air compressor to provide the pressure properly. The ¼ inch NPT setting will help you to ensure this.

The WEN brad nailer has a depth adjustment wheel which will help you to fire the nail to your desired depth. Before the final shoot, make sure if the adjusted depth is okay by testing on a spare piece.

The rubber-grip handle saves your hand from the jarring impact and you from the fatigue of day-long work. Last but not the least feature to mention in this article is the adjustable exhaust port. It will help you to direct the residue air out of the workplace.

Key Features

  • Lightweight. It weighs just 2.7 pounds.
  • Rubber-grip handle ensures ease of holding.
  • Hassle-free nose latch reduces blowouts due to nail jams.
  • Depth adjustment wheel helps to shoot nails into the desired depth.

2. BOSTITCH Smart Point Nail Gun, Brad Nailer (BTFP12233)

bostitch brad nailer

The pneumatic brad nailer is more powerful than its counterparts. The pneumatic brad nailers are used for heavy-duty nailing projects.

Let’s now review such a pneumatic brad nailer. This Bostitch central pneumatic brad nailer is suitable for hardcore jobs.

This Bostitch brad nailer is not like the random air nailers. This one is quite special. Its uncommon features and strategical design make it a smart choice for any nailing job. It will make your work much easier. Give you the utmost comfort while in use.

The unique aspect of the nailer to brag about is its smart nose tip. It is way smaller than usuals. You can effortlessly fit it in any small spot. It is very helpful for driving in tight areas. Just fit the nailer and drive. No need for any external pressure for actuating the shot.

Bostitch 18 gauge brad nailer gives you a good range of nails that you can use in it. Starting from as small as 0.625 inch to a big length of 2.125 inches. The big diversity in length gives you the versatility of using it for different thicknesses of wood.

As for the additional accessories, this Bostitch BTFP12233 brad nailer has a handy hanging hook. You can hang it from anything supportive near you. Plus, this nailer has a very exceptional addition that hardly any other nailer has. It is equipped with a built-in pencil sharpener. You can keep your marker pencil sharpened on the go with this thoughtful fixture.

Key Features

  • It is a very uncommon pneumatic brad nailer with exceptional features.
  • Has a unique smart point nose tip for effective nailing.
  • Small nose tip for fitting tighter spots.
  • Has an unusual feature of pencil sharpener for keeping the marker always ready.

3. Hitachi Brad Nailer (NT50AE2)

hitachi brad nailer

Handheld tools mean the tension of weight. Looking for something lightweight?

No tool can beat this Hitachi brad nailer for sure. Weighing as light as 2.2 pounds, it secures the top position of the lightweight brad nailer chart. Who cares if you work the whole day? You won’t feel a thing throughout the whole working session.

Its ergonomic structure should be talked about. How it is purposefully designed and structured is not a mere thing. Every detail is plotted ensuring your comfort. One such example is how its air hose connecting tip is given in an angled form. It is strategically given likewise to keep it away from you while you are working.

The safety of your precious working material is in your hands. But if you are going to be using this Hitachi brad nailer, half of your tension is already gone. It takes an equal share of responsibility for saving your wood from damage. Its rubber protected nose tip works as a shield when the tip is brought in contact with the wood. It ensures the wood piece does not get any kind of scratches.

Another protective feature of this nailer is its low nail indicator. The small gauge over the magazine shield signals when the device is low in nails. It helps you refill immediately and prevent dry firing.

This Hitachi brad nailer is an allrounder. All its features are highly persuasive. I wonder which one to talk about and which one to not. All the features are unique and important. You should take a deeper look going through the link.

I hope you find this Hitachi brad nailer review helpful if you were looking for 18 gauge brad nailer reviews.

Key Features:

  • This pneumatic nailer weighs just 2.2 pounds. Easy to handle and carry.
  • Ergonomic body structure. Designed carefully ensuring comfort in use.
  • Rubber shield including nose tip. Saves wood pieces from unwanted scratches and damages.
  • Has a low nail indicator. Prevents dry firing issues.

4. DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit (DWFP12231)

dewalt brad nailer

It’s an utter surprise how cheap but powerful is this Dewalt DWFP12231 18-gauge brad nailer. It’s a perfect choice for the hobbyists who want to bind wood for crafting or woodworking.

It’s a small simple nailer. Has all the regular features like all other expensive counterparts. It lacks no features, rather offers them in the best way possible.

The first thing to talk about is how easy going it is. A simple tool-free mechanism ensured structure makes the usage of the tool effortless. Depth adjustment system, jam clearing system, loading, you can do everything on the go without any difficulty.

Every setting in this tool is arranged within the hands reach. You can use your finger of the same hand you are holding the nailer to fix the depth. The magazine has a visible button right below the handle to open it. And all other important parts are color-coded strategically in such a way that you can easily understand the purpose and use of the setting.

You do not have to lift a thing for its maintenance. It does not require oiling or urges for any servicing. Its inbuilt rear air exhaust drives all the unnecessary debris away and keeps the tool and the workspace clean. Your work is automatically done by the tool itself.

Its no-mar tip inclusion is a great feature to have. This saves the material you are working on. Keeps the surface of the material damage-free and scratch-free. Thus, the precious material that you will be working on can be safeguarded by this beneficial tool.

Key Features

  • Low priced nailer with all the essential features. Best for hobbyists.
  • All the stings are strategically color-coded with a tool-free mechanism. Extremely easy to use.
  • No maintenance is required. Unnecessary dirt is cleaned off by air exhaust.
  • Safe nailing guaranteed without any damage to the material working.

5. Metabo HPT Pneumatic 18 Gauge Brad Nailer (NT50AE2)

Metabo brad nailer

Metabo HPT is the new name for the previous version named Hitachi. The company came out with a new name to start as new. But there is no difference in their tools. They are as qualified as before. I bet you liked the Hitachi nailer I spoke of a while ago on this list. This is the same tool but in a different collection. This particular one offers you a little more from its pack.

This pack doesn’t come solo just with the tool. This is a big bundle with lots of necessary nailing items. The most important one is safety ensuring goggles. These are very important while nailing. As they come along with the pack it’s a plus point. You do not have to buy them separately.

Next is the no-mar tip. The nose of the nailer is protected by a rubber covering for not touching the wood surface directly. It helps to avoid scratches on the wood piece and keep it safe from damages. The rubber tip remains the first point of contact with the wood surface.

Jamming is a common issue for nailers. It happens all the time. That’s nailers must have an easy jam clearing system. This brad nailer has an easy tool-less jam clearing system too. But while picking out the nails, you would need something sharp to poke it out. That’s why this set also includes hex bar wrenches.

And lastly, the most attractive element of all the accessories added in this pack is the holding case. The big carrying vessel that holds all these accessories including the main brad nailer tool. It is very helpful for carrying and storing the tool. If you are into this nailer, you should give this bundle a try.

Key Features

  • Central pneumatic 18 gauge brad nailer with so many exciting accessories.
  • Includes safety ensuring protective goggles.
  • Has a no-mar tip. Protects the wood piece from scratches and damages.
  • Has a large carrying box to hold all the accessories and the main tool.

Best Corded Brad Nailer

Best Brad Nailer Buying Guide

The buying guide is attached to help you sort out which aspects to look for when you are buying a corded electric brad nailer. It is helpful to scout out the best tool. To help you find the best brad nailer, here’s the guideline.

Types of Brad Nailers

Mainly you will find two types of nailers: corded and cordless ones.

The corded ones are the pneumatic ones. These brad nailers need an air compressor to deliver air energy for shooting nails. They work with air pressure mechanism. They remain attached to the air compressor with a hose. With a required amount of pressure, the nails are shot accordingly. These are ideal for heavy-duty nailing.

On the other side is the cordless ones. These are battery-powered tools. Though mostly powered by a lithium-ion battery, other types of batteries are also used for powering them. These are very advantageous for carrying along and for managing.

Dual-mode Nailing Feature

A Dual-mode system refers to having two systems of nailing. As a rule of thumb, there are the sequential mode and bump mode.

The sequential mode is the one where you have to pull the trigger and press the nose tip for actuating the shoot. It goes one nail at a time. It is rather a bit slow process but much more accurate. It is important for precise nailing when you need to do nailing without any trace of mistake. It is for fine nailing.

On the contrary, is the bump nailing system. When you activate the bump nailing option, the nailer can start working like crazy. In this, you hold the trigger continuously and keep bumping the nose on the wood till the end. This mode shoots nail continuously without break as soon as you put the nose tip on the wood piece. It is a much faster process but less accurate. It is for rough attachments without any necessity of accuracy.

It is better to have a nailer having this dual-mode system. Then you can shift between the two as per your requirement.

Size of the Nose Tip

The nose of the nailer is the most important aspect of it. It is the point that will touch the wood surface and nails will be shot through it. Thus, the nose tip must be constructed wisely for effective nailing.

The nose tip must be built solid but the smaller the size the better it is. The smaller sized nose can fit in tight spaces easily. You can fit it accurately to make your desired shots. When you can reach the spot perfectly, it increases the accuracy of work.

You will have hard times with a bigger nose tip. You will struggle to fit it in places. This increases the chances of mistakes.

However, it is not conclusive that the bigger ones cannot do the job properly and the smaller ones can. It is about fitting the nose tip properly on a space. The smaller ones can do the job perfectly by fitting unreachable spaces. That’s why the smaller ones are more preferable.

Anti-dry Firing Feature

This feature is a must-have in a brad nailer. This feature ensures your nailer won’t be firring without shooting a nail. It will always hit the wood with a nail otherwise not.

If a nailer fires blank without any nail, it will damage the wood piece. It may create pores or make the wood surface rough. Such scratches ruin the wood piece’s look and thus potentially ruin your entire project. So, you must have a nailer with all safety features.

Many nailers have many systems of stopping dry firing. Some may stop the shooting process as soon as it runs low on nails. Others might have a feature of signaling while the nailer is low on nails. There are diverse systems. It doesn’t matter which option you choose. But the nailer must have it.

FAQs about Brad Nailers

Let’s now get professional answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about brad nailer and its use. These FAQs are going to help you decide, fine, and finally pick what you actually need. Invest two minutes to read these FAQs and save your bucks from being wasted on the wrong items.

1. Can I use 16 gauge nails in the brad nailer?

Ans. The unit of gauge indicates the number of nails per inch the rail has. 18 gauge specifies that it has 18 nails per inch. Whereas the 16 gauge has 16 per inch. This gauge measurement mainly demonstrates how thick the nail is. The bigger the gauge number, the thinner the nails. Thus, 16 gauge nails are much thicker than the 18 gauge ones.

The brad nailer is a device that is constructed to shoot thinner nails like 18 gauge ones. Using thicker nails can create a problem while driving. The nails might get jammed in the nose and make it harder to work with. Considering the facts, it is better not to use the 16 gauge nails in the nailer that is made for shooting 18 gauge nails.

2. How to load nails in a brad nailer?

Ans. Loading nails in brad nailer is a piece of cake. You can do that on the go. But the first condition is to cut off the power source. Then you can start loading your nailer.

First press the unlock button to open the magazine shield. Put your nail rail on the correct grove. The nail of a specific length will slide in itself on its designated grove. It will slide along itself without coming out. Slide the nail rail up to the tip of the nose. Fill as per your requirement and then close the magazine. Thus, you get your gun loaded in no time.

However, you should always check the magazine if it is really empty before loading it. Sometimes the one or two nails from the previous driving session might still be there. If these nails are of a different length than the ones you are inserting, it might pose a major safety threat. So always be cautious and check before you reload.

3. Which one is the better choice between cordless and corded nailer?

Ans. Brad nailers can be both corded and cordless. The corded and the cordless ones, each have their own benefits and drawbacks. As the name suggests, the corded ones need a hose and wire for powering. Mainly the corded ones are pneumatic and require an air compressor for driving. Carrying these can be a great hassle, but these are the powerful ones at work. If you are doing heavy nailing work, these pneumatic ones will be the best choice.

On the contrary, the cordless ones are free from the need for any wires or hose. They are mostly battery powered. They can be easily carried anywhere without any constraint of distance. However, these battery-powered ones are not competent for heavy nailing projects. They need to be recharged after a few hours of use. They are not ideal for overusing.

Both nailers have certain advantages and disadvantages. Considering the pros and cons of both types of nailers, it is better to choose the one that suits your purpose.

4. Why use a brad nailer?

Ans. Brad nailers are used for attaching wood pieces together. They are for light fitting. It is a great help for better bondage of woods after gluing them. In carpentry, construction site, woodworking, and other wood related tasks brad nailers are used

However, they are not for strong fitting works. They are not for building or any other heavy attachment purposes. They are for light wood binding.

Final Words

As you went through the list, you have found different types of finest brad nailers.

All of the nailers had the features of anti-dry firing, easy usability, tool-less settings, safe nailing, and so on. Do not worry if your budget is tight, you got budget maintaining nailers too.

You also got a glimpse of both heavy-duty ensured professional nailer and nailer for hobbyists. I covered diverse types of nailers, but the highlighting aspect of this total review list is that they all are the best brad nailers in the market. You will get the best one no matter which one you choose. But if I am asked to suggest one, I would name Hitachi 18 gauge brad nailer. Its price, its service, unique features— everything together makes it the best brad nailer among all. You can dig deeper to get more information about this brad nail gun.

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