Best Cordless Brad Nailer Of 2022: Details Review and Buying Guide

This is it. You have got it.

After all the searching and running from pages to pages on the internet, you have made it to the right place. You can tell your search is over. Now you are about to get your desired battery operated brad nailer right from here.

In this cordless brad nailer review list, you will get only the best cordless brad nailers in 2020. They all are all from globally recognized brands maintaining high standards. No matter which one you choose, you will be the ultimate winner.

So, scroll down till the end to find your longed cordless brad nail gun that you have been searching for everywhere.

Best Cordless Brad Nailer Reviews

In this section, I have selected only the top 6 of the best cordless brad nailers. It will make it easy for you to decide which one to pick among all others you may find on the internet.

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1. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit (PCC790LA)

Let’s start the list with the best of the best. You might wonder now what’s so special about this nailer to call it special. But you will be sure of that when you hold this special piece yourself. Buying this Porter-Cable 20V brad nailer will be the right decision you can take for making your work smoother and easier.

The unique feature of the nailer is its easy usability. Its simple tool-free design makes it very unchallenging. It lets you do your work at ease. Starting from the depth adjustment system to jam releasing, all are done effortlessly.

This Porter-Cable cordless brad nailer takes the ease of adjustment to the next level. It has a cool feature of the see-through window, which helps you to ascertain the exact depth you want. Thus, you do not have to calibrate blindly. You get accurate results from the first try.

An important aspect of this nailer is its trigger system. Its interlock facility holds the trigger button when you do not want to use that. This feature is used when you want the nose of the nailer to work for you. Just slight pressure on it, and it will shoot the nails. This operation helps the work run much quicker with efficiency.

The handheld tool is lightweight compared to its strength. Weighing merely 5.9 lbs, it will let you work with it for long hours. No more pain on hand while working for a lengthy time.

Key Features:

  • 20V brad nailer with tool-free settings. Easy and quick at work.
  • Special see-through window feature for ease in-depth adjustments.
  • Interlock system for locking trigger.
  • Has a lightweight of only 5.9 lbs. Facilitates working longer hours.

2. Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt Cordless Brad Nailer

Ryobi introduced such an iconic model of brad nailer that stands out from all its counterparts. It is all square in every aspect. You will get holistic satisfaction from this nailer.

The first impression is grabbed by its advantageously designed body structure. Its ergonomic structure is very convenient for handling. The design is enhanced with the strategical addition of rubber overmolding. It works both as a grip and a bumper. The design ensures your nailer gets a long life tackling all the work abuse and stay scratch-free.

This airstrike nailer has a tool-less adjustment facility. You do not have to tilt your workshop upside down for finding the right tool. From depth adjustment to adjusting the air pressure, you can do all on the go. It has simple dials that anybody can tune to set the nail precisely.

You can run out of nails while nailing for a long time. But no worries when you are using this nailer. This smart nailer won’t damage your precious wood pieces by blank firing. It will let you know when you are out of nails and stop functioning immediately.

For this 18V battery-powered tool you will have to buy the battery separately. You can fit any suitable battery from Ryobi’s One+ system. With a powerful 4 Ah battery, in one charge you can get up to 1700 shooting capacity. With such a massive number you can go a long way in a single driving session.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic structure with rubber overmolding. Ensures proper grip and tackles abrasion.
  • Has a tool-less depth and air pressure adjustment system. Very easy to manage.
  • Signals when low in nails by stopping the operation. Thus, saves the material from damage.
  • Highly functioning tool. Augments in capability with a powerful battery.

3. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit (DCN680D1)

A competent alternative for a pneumatic brad nailer is this notable Dewalt cordless brad nailer. Using it will give you an experience that is similar to a heavy-duty pneumatic one. Experienced workers prefer this 20V nailer for its invincible performance.

Your driving works will take a flight with the addition of this mighty tool to your workshop. Its advantageous features and high working capability are a great combination for being the best battery powered brad nailer.

Its structure is a beneficial aspect of nailing works. Small nose design makes it very flexible for you to fit it in small areas for nailing. A lightweight body with a slender rubber grip included handle is given for you to work at ease for a longer time.

Jamming is a common issue for nailers. The easier it is to clean the jam, the better the nailer. And this one is a perfect example of such nailers. It’s easy to open the nose top lets you clean the jam in seconds. Its stall release lever is a great addition to accelerate the process.

LED lights on the nailers are generally given to illuminate the space. But for this nailer, its purpose is more than that. Both the lights on either side of the handle have distinct functions. The one in the left glitches 4 consecutive times when you are out of battery power.

And the one on the right light flashes continuously when you have a nail jam. This small signal facility can actually save a lot of time and from possible damages.

Key Features:

  • 20V cordless brad nail gun. As powerful as its pneumatic counterpart.
  • Has a small nose tip. Beneficial for fitting into small spaces.
  • The tool-less setting ensures an easy jam cleaning process.
  • Includes LED lights with unique functions besides illuminating the workspace.

4. Makita XNB01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Brad Nailer

Makita has this very impressive cordless 18 gauge brad nailer. It is a quality ensured nailer that is worthy of each penny you will spend for it. This tool will definitely pay you back by delivering you with a devoted performance during your driving works.

The size and structure of the nailer are very compact. It is very handy to use. It is totally covered with rubber over-molding on all the necessary areas. It never allows the tool’s body to touch the rough surface. The rubber bumper is always the first point of contact. It saves the nailer from unnecessary scratches and damages. Besides, it ensures a good grip for you while handling.

Moving on to its internal mechanism, the first aspect to talk about is its massive driving capacity. The battery-powered device can give you heavy performance when powered by the right power source. It can even match the capability of pneumatic nailers. When powered by a 5.0 Ah LXt battery, it can rise to a capability of 1660 nails per charge. This is extremely high for a cordless 18 gauge brad nailer.

An important feature for this particular brad nailer is its power indicator. It has a cool system of showing if the battery needs a charge. Its small glowing light beside the indicator manual does all the work. Up to 20% of the charge, the light will glow brightly. It will signal you by dimming the light when the charge drains to less than that.

Its dual-mode system allows you to fire both sequentially and by contact. These systems increase the working accuracy and speed respectively. You have the complete freedom of choosing your desired mode.

Key Features:

  • Covered with rubber overmolding. Provides good grip, handling convenience, and protection from potential damage.
  • Powered by competent LXT lithium-ion battery. Can become extremely powerful with the right choice of battery.
  • Has a charge indicating facility. Handy for knowing when to charge the device.
  • Dual driving mode lets to shoot the nails either sequentially or through contact actuation.

5. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit (CMCN618C1)

When it’s the call for hardcore nailing jobs, Craftsman is a good choice as a brad nailer. This nailer has earned great fame for its fantastic work. All the users of this Craftsman 18 gauge brad nailer left positive reviews for the performance it has shown.

This cordless brad nail gun is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery. It is from the Craftsman V20 series of the cordless system. The battery is included in the kit along with the charger. So, you do not have to go through the hassle of buying it separately. This can deliver you with a shooting capacity of about 420 nails per charge.

You can continuously use the tool without wearing off. The secret behind such a big benefit is its lightweight body and convenient handgrip. It is built likewise that you can hold the device comfortably for long hours. Besides providing comfort, its well-balanced design gives accurate results in every shoot.

Accuracy also comes with the adjustments that you need to make. To make it easy for you, all the settings are made with a tool-free mechanism. You can effortlessly accustom the device as per your required way. It includes simple dials and levers for easy use.

This model of Craftsman electric brad nailer comes in different bundles. You can choose among many alternatives consisting of various necessary accessories. They include different amperage batteries, 18 gauge nailers, hand tool kit, and many more. You can choose any of them which suits your purpose the best.

Key Features:

  • It is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery. The battery delivers enough power to shoot around 420 nails per charge.
  • Well built, well-balanced body structure. Provides the utmost comfort for using longer hours.
  • Doing adjustments made easy by introducing settings with a tool-free mechanism.
  • Has the flexibility of working under different climate retaining consistent results.

6. KIMO 20V 18 Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer/Stapler

Saving the best for the end paid off as you came all the way to the last one. Only for you, I have put the best cordless brad nailer of this cordless nail gun review post here.

This one is the ultimate one you have been looking for. If none of the above could put you in a situation to settle down for, this one will surely do that.

This unusual nailer has so many remarkable aspects to brag about. Normally you won’t find it in other nailers. But this nailer has them all.

Paying for the one you actually get the job done for two devices with this extraordinary brad nailer. This unique tool has the facilities for both nailing and stapling. You have this big opportunity of using either one at a time as per your needs.

Powered by the mighty 2.0 Ah Kimo lithium-ion battery, it is made to run long hours without fading easily. You can go far by charging once. It gives you a solid 700 shooting capacity per charge. No failing, dimming. You get to carry on your work without pause.

Dual-mode system is necessary for nailing jobs. You get the facility of sequential driving and bump driving with this tool. During sequential driving, you can take it slow and drive one nail at a time. And with the bumping facility, it gains speed. Your work can jump to 80 nails per min. That’s how quickly you can move.

With facilities comes the weighting issue. The more the tool contains the more it will weigh. But it’s the opposite of this one. Despite having such exceptional additions, it weighs only 6 lbs. You can imagine how light it will feel when you hold it. Therefore, you can work a long time without your hand and shoulder getting achy.

Key Features:

  • Has the facility of both nailing and stapling.
  • Powered by a 2.0 Ah lithium-ion Kimo battery that comes along the kit.
  • Has the facility of changing between sequential driving and bump driving.
  • Very light in weight. Facilitates in using for long hours.
Best Cordless Brad Nailer

Cordless Brad Nailer Buying Guide

Searching without a guide is like walking blindly. A little knowledge about the brad nailer can lead you the way to the best cordless brad nailer. That’s why I have pointed out the key features you should look for while shopping.


The weight of a hand-held device is a very significant aspect to consider. The higher the weight, the harder it will be to hold it for working.

It is very uncomfortable to hold a heavy object for long hours. So, it will be impossible to hold it for performing the nailing job.

In your searching list, you must keep the brad nailers that have a lightweight body. The lightweight body will give you the ease of handling and carrying it around. Your hands will not be tired easily and you can work smoothly for a long time.


A tool must be judged based on its efficiency. The more efficiently it will work, the better it is. The efficiency of powered tools depends on working capability based on their power source.

Cordless brad nailers are generally powered by lithium-ion batteries. These are highly effective and renders high energy to the tool. They come in different limits based on their capability. This also fluctuates the price of the tool.

All in all, you must go for the one that meets your demand for nailing and be in the limit of your budget.

Additional Features

Modern brad nailers have so many cool features included in them besides the important ones. They serve the extra purpose for the brad nailers. Such features increase the efficiency of the nailer.

Examples of such additional features are the inclusion of LED lights, hanging hooks, no-mar tip, charge indicator, dry firing protection facility, and so on. These are few to name but do a massive job in enhancing the proficiency of the nailer.


Brad nailers are mostly constructed in such a way that they can tackle maximum work abuse. The nailers are tools that are used roughly and rigorously for long nailing projects. They have to go through a lot during their lifetime. They have to take in all the bumps, scratches, thrust, and other abuses.

To confront all these, the brad nailers are designed with rubber overmoldings. Such covering works as a protection. They form the bumper for the nailer. These remain the first point of contact when facing a threat. These help to avoid scratches and damages.

This important aspect of the brad nailers acts as a great shield for increasing durability. It helps the nailers to last long by withstanding all mistreatment.

cordless brad nailer

FAQs about Cordless Brad Nailer

Let’s now check out professionals’ answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to cordless brad nailer.

Why choose a cordless brad nailer over a corded one?

Ans. A corded brad nailer is a tool that includes hose, wires, big fat air compressor, and other necessary items. All those items are important to be present while nailing with a corded brad nailer.

In this case, you can imagine how hassling the whole situation can be. You have to drag all this with you wherever you move for your nailing work. It is more tedious in real life than imagining it. That’s when the cordless brad nailers make the entry.

The cordless brad nailers eliminate all the issues of hose and wires. It is free from the constraint of the air compressor. The cordless ones are generally battery powered. They are maneuverable.

You can carry them anywhere to meet the purpose. They are effortless to use and very flexible. That’s why people tend to choose the cordless brad nailers over their corded counterparts.

How long the nail should be for brad nailing?

Ans. In general, brad nailing is done on not so thick materials. They are used for nailing light and thin wood. The brad nailers have 18 gauge nails. They come in a length ranging from 0.5 to 2 inches.

For nailing, you need to choose nails that are twice the thickness of the material you are shooting on. It is not necessary for the shooting on walls. But for the exposed surfaces, you should maintain the nail length as per the thickness of the material shooting.

How to clear the jam of nails in a brad nailer?

Ans. The first step for clearing a nail jam in a brad nailer or any other power tool is to remove the power source. Take out the battery of your cordless brad nailer first. Open the magazine and release pressure from the nails.

The next step is to pull the release lever. This lever releases the stall and makes the jam cleaning easy. Mostly all the modern brad nailers have this stall release system.

Now open the nose latch. The tool-less nose opening system does not require any extra screwdriver or other tools to open it. You can easily pop open the latch and free up the jam easily.

After unjamming the nails, check one last time for any other jamming issues. Then put the nails back on their rest position.

At the end close the nose latch and connect to the power source. Thus, you get the jam released and can get back to work again.

How to insert nails in the magazine?

Ans. Putting nails inside the magazine is the easiest task of nailing. The modern brad nailers have a very simple mechanism and thus very easy to reload.

The first step is to press the magazine release button. Check if there are any nails left from the previous nailing session. If any, empty the magazine properly. After that, slide in the new nail belt of your required length. Push it up to the nose of the nailer. And then close the magazine.

That’s how you load the magazine in seconds.

Final Words

Brad nailers are handheld tools.

To me, the first thing to consider is the weight of the tool.

Next comes efficiency. The more efficient the nailer, the better performance it will give. And last but not the least, the attractive features. Certain features make the use of the nailer very easy.

If you can filter the search likewise, the search becomes a lot easier. You can choose the right tool and be benefited from it.

This cordless brad nailer review list has been planned considering all these facts. I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to settle down for the ultimate nailer that you have been searching for ages. I hope you get the best cordless brad nailer in one try. From my point of view, going for KIMO 20V 18 Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer/Stapler will be the best decision. Its duality, competence, and ease of use are the highlighting points that make it the best battery powered brad nailer.

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