The 6 Best Finish Nailer Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

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Top 6 Finish Nailer Reviews

Searching among the following finish nailer reviews, I bet you will get nothing but only the best ones.

To put everything strategically and make your search even easier, I have picked only 6 finish nailers and presented my unbiased reviews with a shortlist of key features at the end of each review.

1. Metabo HPT NT65M2S Finish Nailer

Metabo HPT NT65M2S Finish Nailer

The first pick is Metabo HPT finish nailer which was previously known as Hitachi.

That’s right. It is the tool from the old friend Hitachi of your workshop but with a new name and new look. With a new avatar, the company has brought out this special model of finish nailer with cool new advanced settings and features.

The most impressive aspect of this finish nailer is its ergonomic structure. The body is designed in such a way that you can handle it with ease. Small size and narrow tip make it convenient for fitting confined spaces. Cabinet, cupboard, or any other closed spaces won’t be a limitation for you to reach.

For your utmost comfort, the handle is covered with elastomer. It provides a solid grip while handling. All the necessary adjustment guides are strategically arranged right beside the handle. You can have easy access to them whenever necessary.

Its tool-free setting is a notable aspect to speak of. The nose of the nailer pops up on the go with the lever mechanism without any necessity of extra tools. Just open the nose and fix the jam. As simple as it is said.

It has got a dual-mode firing facility. You can choose between the single shot or double shot nailing amenities. Choosing won’t be a difficult job. Its revolving key indicates whether it’s going to shoot single or double nail.

The nailer has a sophisticated 360o revolving capacity ensured exhaust port. This allows you to eliminate the excess air successfully in the direction you want it to be.

Key Features:

  • 16 gauge nailer with a small compact body structure. Ideal for use in confined spaces.
  • Handle over-molded with an elastomer to provide grip and comfort.
  • Dual nailing mode facility with a simple revolving key to select one.
  • Air exhaust port with 360o revolving capacity.

2. Metabo HPT NT65MA4 Finish Nailer

Metabo HPT NT65MA4 Finish Nailer

If you liked the first Metabo HPT Finish Nailer, here’s another one for you. It’s an angled 15-gauge nailer that will meet your demands for nailing in tight spots. This nailer will assist you in using 1.25 to 2.5 inches nails for your driving jobs.

The finest aspect of this nailer is its lightweight body. Weighing only 4.2 lbs, this nailer will give you the utmost comfort for maneuverability. You can carry it around for hours without wearing your hands off.

You can expect a clean and dust-free nailer whenever you are using this Metabo HPT nailer. It’s built-in air duster always clears out the unwanted dust and dirt off from the nailer.

Its strategical structural design is a highlighting feature for this nailer. The ergonomic handle, out of the way hose port, and easily reachable settings, all of them are planned and placed likewise for your convenience while use.

Using the tool is a piece of cake. It is made with the easiest usability to allow anybody to work with this tool. The nailer has a simple rolling knob system for depth adjustment. You can easily rotate and get your required depth for your driving sessions.

The excess air from the nailer can be banished in the direction of your choice. It is done so with its flexible exhaust port. It can revolve a total 360o angle for you to select any path away from you.

Key Features:

  • It’s a 15 gauge angled finish nailer.
  • Has a lightweight body with a mere weight of 4.2 lbs. Saves you from unnecessary fatigue and lets you work longer hours.
  • Includes an in-built air duster to keep the nailer clean.
  • 360o angle revolving exhaust port to banish excess air in your determined direction.

3. Bostitch BTFP7191716 Gauge Finish Nailer Kit

Bostitch 16 Gauge Finish Nailer Kit (BTFP71917)

Light as a feather, this 7.5-pound Bostitch finish nailer is one of a kind. Its efficiency and easy usability are notable aspects to be mentioned. The pneumatic nailer can deliver successful driving sessions for all your projects.

The most unique feature for this Bostitch central pneumatic 16 gauge finish nailer is its point nose. It is so small and thin that it can fit any tight spot without any difficulty. The small nose gives you a better view of where you are driving.

The best part is that it is smart too. It requires no contracting nose tip for carrying out the shooting task. It works as it is just by pulling of the trigger. This eliminates the risk of damaging your material and helps in making accurate shots.

Accuracy and precision are necessary, and so is the durability. You can expect this Bostitch finish nail gun to give you so. Its compact design with rubber overmolding keeps it safe from work abuse. Its oil-free design saves you extra hassle of maintaining and oiling the device. It will give you the finest service for a long time to come without such necessities.

A special aspect to brag about for this nailer is its rear exhaust. You might think, what’s so cool about that? But this one is actually a beneficial part. Besides filtering the air vent, it dulls the sound of driving nails. It is really helpful when you are driving in closed chambers. It keeps the whole process a lot quieter.

Key Features:

  • Maneuverable for its lightweight of 7.5 pounds.
  • Small point nose. Useful for driving in tight spots.
  • No contracting smart nose. Eliminates the issues of material damage and slipping while driving.
  • Has a helpful rear exhaust to filter air vent and reduce noise while driving.

4. Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP Finish Nailer

Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP Finish Nailer

Want something for heavy-duty performance? This Senco finish nailer is just the thing you are searching for. This professional standard maintaining nailer will be a great help for your heavy nailing sessions.

It is highly capable of getting nailing done on hard wooden surfaces. Driving for flooring can be easily done using this Senco finish nail gun. Framing windows, base moldings, furniture making, and other important tasks can be completed with this nailer.

Durability is highly emphasized in this Senco 15 gauge finish nailer model. As heavy-duty performance requires rough use of the device, nailers will likely wear off easily. But it is not the case for this finish nailer. Its strong magnesium coated body can endure all the pressure and exploitation.

The body is finely coated with a smooth varnish. Even if at times you get a slight scratch on the coating, you can easily paint over it if you want. You can get a fresh look at it every time even after years.

Not only outside, but it is very sturdy from inside too. Its motor, engine, and all the hardworking parts are made of solid material to give longer service without crumbling any time soon.

And you get all these without any necessities of regular maintenance. No oiling, no extra servicing. Its sophisticated anti-lube construction makes all these possible. It keeps you away from extra hassles and helps you relax and work.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for professional nailing jobs.
  • Suitable for hard to softwoods, building works, woodworking, and so on.
  • Made durable inside-out for delivering long time service.
  • Anti-lube construction removes the issues of oil spilling and hassles of regular maintenance.

5. Makita AF635 Angled Finish Nailer

Makita AF635 Angled Finish Nailer

Makita has brought out a magnificent 15 gauge finish nailer model to work with 15 gauge nails. This angle nailer is a must-have tool for any workshop. You surely won’t be disappointed with this tool.

Extraordinary construction to strategical design, everything about it is very unique and different. Staring from outside, its magnesium coating is a must talk point. It gives the nailer rigidity and protection from work abuse. Not forgetting its firm aluminum nail storing magazine. Its solid structure keeps it still even during the rough nail storing process.

Besides the rigid structure, it has a rigid working capability too. Its highly efficient motor can deliver rigorous performance without any need for a break. Complete your task in one go, you are free to do your job. Shooting 15 gauge from 1.125 2.5 inches to attach your required pieces of wood.

Setting the tool is a piece of cake. The tool-free technique makes it effortless to set the tool for perfect nailing. You set it any way you desire and you require. With a few moves and clicks and the tool is ready for you.

Safety is also given priority. Your precious wood piece and you both will have a safe nailing session with this tool. Trouble occurs when nailer dry-fires. So, the trouble is eliminated in this nailer. No dry firing, no damages to property.

In the busy nailing sessions, the dirty workspace can be highly irritating. Removing everything that irritates you, this nailer didn’t leave out this problem. Its built-in duster keeps the workspace dust-free by flowing air continuously. No issue left for you to be irritated.

Key Features:

  • 15 gauge angled nailer shooting 1.125 inches to 2.25 inches nails.
  • Tool-free settings adjusting the depth, mode, and other functions.
  • No dry firing chances, thus no damages to property.
  • Built-in duster cleaner to keep the workspace clean.

6. Makita 16 Gauge Finish Nailer AF601 Straight

Makita 16 Gauge Finish Nailer AF601

If you liked the last Makita finish nailer, here’s Makita 16 gauge finish nailer.

The size of the nail is a big factor for nailing. And so is the angle of the body. Considering the factors, Makita brought out this unique model of finish nailer.

The cylindrical shape gives it an exceptional look with ease in using it. Weighing only 3.74 pounds is a big surprise that it can give you. you can imagine how effortless it will be to use it. Hold it for hours, you won’t feel a thing.

Load the nails in no time and get started with your nailing business. Tool-free adjustment eliminates the need for any extra driver or gauge to fix it. Just a few simple moves and it is ready to go. It’s made as simple as possible for you to use it on the go.

The scratched tool is not liked by anybody. For protection, it is given with bumpers to protect the tool whenever it has to touch the rough surfaces. It has got the bumper on both sides, so no matter which way you put it on the ground, the bumpers will be the first thing of contact.

A built-in air duster is very useful for a clean workspace. The automatic system helps you stay back and enjoy the sessions of nailing without having to work yourself.

For banishing excess air, you get the cool feature of exhaust opening that can be moved to any direction of desire. Its multi-directional feature allows you to do that. The best part, you can keep the banished air to rush to your face by changing the direction of airflow.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight finish nailer with a mere weight of 3.74 pounds.
  • Easy to use and adjust with its tool-free settings.
  • Contains bumpers on both sides to protect from scratches.
  • Movable exhaust port to change the direction of airflow.

Finish Nailer Buying Guide

Buying a finish nailer can be tricky if you do not know the key features of the device. Here is a small guide for helping you get the best one.

Straight Nailer or Angled Nailer

You will get both straight and angled body nailers in the market. The two different forms of body designs have particular purposes. They are not mere designs; they are strategically made that way.

The straight body nailers have a 90o angled magazine with straight nail rails going in it. These nailers are used for driving flat exposed material surfaces. The straight nailers have a fine finish of the driving process. With the straight ones, neither the nails remain exposed nor driven too deep to leave holes in the material. The nails get driven evenly.

Whereas, the angled nailers are different than that. In an angled nailer, the magazine remains in an angled position with the nailer. The nails of such nailer also come in the angled form. These nailers are used for nailing in unreachable tight surfaces. They are suitable for flush driving.

Weight of the Nailer

The nailer is held by a handle for a long time for completing nailing jobs. Being a hand-held device, it must have lightweight. The lighter the weight the more convenient the tool will be for using.

Maximum finish nailers weight around 6 lbs. This weight isn’t bad for a working couple of hours. But if you search thoroughly, you may find lighter nailers. You may find as light as 4.5 lbs. Such nailers are very handy for using long hours.

Modes of Nailing

The modern nailers are highly technical. They offer every facility to increase working capability and versatility. One such advanced feature is the dual modes system.

Typically, in a nailing tool, you can make a single nail drive one at a time. But with this dual-mode system you can have the opportunity of bump driving, that is, you can double nails drives at a time. You also have the opportunity of switching between the 2 modes. You get to choose the one necessary for your job.

Depth Adjustment System

While driving nails in the wood piece, you need to adjust the depth of the drives with respect to the depth of the material. This feature is important for driving nails successfully and precisely.

As it is an important aspect of nailing, it must be easy to adjust. Much complexity will bring complexity to the nailing process. This might even give poor results. That’s why the adjustment system must be simple in operating.

Typically, the nailers have rolling knobs or dials as adjustment system. The tool-free ones are the best system for adjustment. Just roll it and adjusted. That’s how simple it should be. Many also have seeing window integrated to keep track of the depth adjustments made. This increases the precision of adjustment.

Air Exhaust Controller

As the air goes in the pneumatic finish nailers, there must be a way out for the excess air. Without a regulator, such excess air will suddenly pop out fiercely straight on your face. That’s why the nailer must contain an exhaust controller. This will help you regulate the intensity of gushing air out of the nailer.

Normally the air exhaust controller stays on the back of the nailer. You can adjust it as per your benefits. This will prevent and save you from unwanted sudden air splash in your eyes and face.

Best electric finish nailer

FAQs about Finish Nail Guns and Nails

Let’s now check out the professionals’ answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to finish nailers.

1. What are the uses of a finish nailer?

Ans. Finish nailers are mainly used for making light attachments. They are used to attach two wood pieces for secured gluing. They can successfully install baseboards and do crown molding. They can do jobs very efficiently.

2. Can I use brad nails in a finish nail gun?

Ans. No, you cannot use brad nails in finish nailers. The finish nailers use 16 gauge nails whereas the brad nails are normally of 18 gauge. Normally the 18 gauge nails remain longer than the 16 gauge ones.

However, if you still can fit them in your 16 gauge central pneumatic finish nailer or 16 gauge angled finish nailer, the results won’t be satisfactory. You will find the nails jammed every now and then making it impossible to shoot.

3. What are the differences among finish nailers, brad nailers, and framing nailers?

Ans. The three types of nailers are totally different than others despite being the fact that they all are nail guns. The core differences among the three are based on their nails. The three different types of nailers use different sizes of nails.

The finish nailers use 16 gauge nails. They are thicker and much powerful for tough jobs. They can make sturdier attachments and highly efficient in their work.

The brad nailers are lighter ones. Such nailers use 18 gauge nails in them. These nailers are used during nailing flat surfaces.

And lastly the framing nailer. The framing nailers have not only different nails but also different magazines. Different framing nailers have different angled magazines with different angled nail rails. The different angles are convenient for different driving purposes. That’s why they come in different angled based on their purposes.

4. Why some finish nailers are straight and some angled?

Ans. The structure of the finish nailers remains different based on their working purpose. The straight finish nailers have 90o angle maintaining magazine which includes straight nails. Such nailers are used for driving nails into flat surfaces.

On the other hand, are the angled nailers. The magazine of these nailers creates an angle with the main body and forms an angled structure. The specific structure makes it likely for use in reaching inaccessible spots for driving nails.

5. What are the safety measures to be taken while using a finish nailer?

Ans. A finish nailer is a power tool with nails on it. So, it is important to handle it with utmost safety.

The first step towards safety would be to wear safety gear. You must wear safety goggles when handling a nailer. Wear gloves and hard shoes to save your hands and feet from accidental shooting of nails.

Now comes the driving process. Always keep the tip of the nailer steadily on the surface with firm pressure. Make sure it stays in contact with the surface while shooting the nail.

When you are holding the wood pieces, keep your hand away from the shooting spot. Keep the hand a little far from the nailer itself. Otherwise, if the nail accidentally bumps out of the material, it might go straight into your hand.

After nailing take the power source off. It is safer to keep it detached from the power source when not in use. Always make sure you load-unload and adjust settings with the power turned off. Never handle the nailer carelessly.

Final Words

Choosing any power tool is hard, but you have to settle down for one. Going through all the key features, your thoughts will be filtered to one. Did you find which one it is?

Still being in uncertainty is not a big issue. Anybody in this situation can be skeptical. All these best quality tools for sure has its unique aspect to attract you. Settling down for one is undoubtedly hard. To take you out of this situation of indecisiveness, I would suggest you go for the Bostitch Finish Nailer Kit (Model: BTFP71917). This is one the best finish nailer you will find in the market that may meet all of your demands.

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