Best Nailer for Bamboo Flooring: Reviews And Buying Guide For 2022

Drooling over the aesthetics of bamboo flooring?

Well, it’s hard not to. Bamboo floorings are some of the quickest and effective renovations you can do to your beloved home. It certainly brings in the wow factor and lits up your kitchen, dining, or living space.

“But the installation is as difficult as it looks,” you might think. It’s not, and with the right tools, you can do a simple DIY as well. For that, the most important tool you need is a nailer.

The best Nailer for Bamboo Flooring will help you nail in those blocks with ease. Let’s have a look at some of the most highly reviewed bamboo nailers and find out which one suits your needs.

What Type of Nailer for Bamboo Flooring?

There are two types of nailers you will find that are used for nailing Bamboo Flooring. One is manual, and the other is pneumatic. Both nailers come with unique advantages and disadvantages.

The manual one comes with a spring that is loaded inside it. You need to make use of a mallet alongside the nailer.

Upon strike, the spring forces the nails into your desired location, and your job is done. This sort of nailers takes some manual work as you need to strike with the mallet to put the nails.

If you are looking for something a bit advanced, the pneumatic ones will serve you well.

The core principle is as same as the manual nailers, but the pneumatic ones use air pressure instead of manual force to drive in the nails. The downside here is the process requires a compressor to generate the air pressure.

18-gauge Vs 16 Gauge Flooring Nailer for Bamboo Flooring

You will find out two gauges of nails that are commonly used for Bamboo Flooring. These include the 16 gauge and 18 gauge, respectively.

The gauge number indicates who thin the nail would be. As per the standard, 18-gauge nails are thinner than 16-gauge ones.

So, which one should you pick among the two? Well, the wise option here would be to check the recommended nail type for the specific flooring.

Various hardwood floors come with different hardness, thicknesses, and manufacturing procedures.

Any sort of misfit regarding the nails can cause the hardwood floors to crack over time. This can prove costly in the long run.

Your safe bet would be to follow the installation guide while choosing the nails to save both money and effort.

Best Nailer for Bamboo Flooring Reviews

Below are a few of the most amazing bamboo flooring nailers you can purchase right now to build your dream home.

1. Bostitch Flooring Stapler (EHF1838K) for Engineered Hardwood

Bostitch is considered among one of the pioneers of tech in the tools industry. Their latest release, the Bostitch flooring Stapler, is an embodiment of their innovation and build quality.

The 18-gauge floor nailer for bamboo comes with many adjustments features to help you work with different materials.

 It allows you the freedom to opt among 5/16 or 7/16 inches for solid hardwood and ½ or 5/8 inches in case of engineered hardwoods and bamboo.

What you can expect is a comfortable grip all day long, thanks to the molded rubber grip the stapler comes with.

This ensures you a firm grip for the sweaty palms and ensures optimal maneuverability for accurate installation. The bamboo flooring nailer has been designed considering user comfort under all conditions.

This is proven by the muffled rear exhaust that drives the airflow away from the workspace. This ensures your safety and lets you work long hours with full concentration.

Besides the fancy features, this baller packs some handy ones as well. Its Non-Marring trip helps you keep the flooring free from damages for a nicer finished look.

This, along with the easy sight tongue guide, lets you hit the jackpot all day long, giving you the professional performance you need.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers tool-free adjustable knobs that easily match flooring sizes
  • Oil-free operation keeps the workplace neat and clean
  • Non-marring cap eliminates the chances of scratch marks on the floorings
  • 3-1/2 pounds weight ensures maneuverability for improved efficiency
  • Packs a driving force of 70 and 120 Psi for max performance


It’s an all-rounder machine that blends in comfort, flexibility, and performance.

2. Freeman PF18GLCN Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

Looking for the best floor nailer for tongue and groove woven bamboo flooring? Have a look at this beauty from Freeman.

The pneumatic nailer for bamboo flooring comes with a lightweight alloy body which will make your everyday task a breeze.

 Its ergonomic design is one of a kind and packs a comfortable grip to help you get through the projects with minimum labor.

What you will love is the flexibility the Freeman PF18GLCN offers. It’s been designed to install tongue and grooved hardware floorings.

With options to pick from teak, strand woven bamboo, cherry, and similar exotic hardwoods, you will have all the freedom for the exquisite look you are looking for.

The handy machine is compatible with 18-gauge L-cleats ranging from 1-1/4 inches to 1-3/4 inches. Besides, you also get three interchangeable base plates making it compatible with 3/8 inch to ¾ inch floorings.

Thanks to the No-Mar foot this beauty packs, your chances of damaging the floorings will be near zero. The machine is ideal for both professionals and DIYer looking for a cheap installation.

What you will notice out of the box is the durable construction this nailer comes along with.

The aluminum body and cylinder, along with the rubber o-rings, go to show the emphasis on quality put into the machine’s build. With so much up for grabs, it’s hard to say no to this masterpiece.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extended reach handles keep back pain at bay
  • The ergonomic grip offers comfort and safety
  • High-capacity magazine ensures longer work hours in one go
  • Interchangeable base plates offer versatility with various flooring thickness
  • Compatible with a wide range of woven, teak, and exotic hardwoods


It’s a feature-packed nailer ideal for both hobby and professional applications.

3. Bynford Hardwood Flooring Stapler Nailer

Next up on the list is an affordable device from Bynford, which according to many, is the best flooring nailer for bamboo for budger users.

Yes, you can’t expect professional-level performance out the nailer, but it’s ideal for getting your flooring done by yourself.

You can make use of standard 18-gauge narrow crown staples and 18-gauge brad nails ranging from 1 to 9/16 inches.

Despite being a budget option, this pocket dynamite doesn’t cut corners in functionality. It comes with adjustable shoes that allow you to quickly set up the device to match multiple floor thicknesses.

It’s a simple, lightweight, and extremely lightweight nailer that you can have a fun time installing your bamboo flooring. Besides, you can also have it as a backup tool for professional usage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers unbeatable performance for the price
  • Compatible with a wide thickness of floor for versatility
  • Lightweight and small in size facilitates transport
  • Shaw type groove fastening ensures ease of installation


It’s an ideal pick for home usage and comes at an extremely affordable price.

4. Freeman PF1618GLCN Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

This one has made it to the list due to the quality it offers. The Freeman PF1618GLCN nailer has earned quite a reputation among users as the best floor nailer for strand bamboo.

The pneumatic 3 in 1 nailer offers a wide range of compatibility and uses 18-gauge L cleats or 16-gauge L cleats and t-cleats.

It’s ideal to be used along with Oak, hickory, maple, bamboo alongside engineered tongue and grooved floorings. You get plenty of arsenal under your belt to work with.

What will amaze you right out of the box is the extremely lightweight aluminum construction the nailer comes with. Besides that, the extended reach handles the nailer boasts are a breeze to work with.

You won’t be having any worries regarding errors during installation as the inbuilt No-Mar feet play an effective role in minimizing those.

An ergonomic grip on the handle ensures vibration resistance and allows you to focus more on the job at hand.

The superior build quality showcased on the nailer is hard to match. It’s been manufactured with some of the most durable materials used for the cause.

You can bring home one of these bombers and get hours of usage without hiccups.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with high-end engineering and ergonomic design for max comfort
  • Durable construction ensures years of uninterrupted service
  • Packs plenty of power to be used for professional usage
  • Interchangeable base plates offer versatility into work
  • Anti-dust filters keep the internals clean and thus increase machine life


It’s a pretty good device with a premium build and optimum performance for both industry and personal works.

5. NuMax S18GLCNDH Pneumatic Handle Flooring Nailer

Last up on the list is an elegant and stylish-looking nailer from Numax. If you like to make the work do all the talking, this one is a must right here.

What you will notice first hand is the premium and well-polished exterior of this flooring nailer for bamboo.

It’s been designed keeping the installation of tongue and groove hardwood flooring anywhere from 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch in mind.

Its fascinating ergonomic design handle will please you as well. This allows you to place nails both in kneeling and standing positions, putting less stress on the back.

Its little features like these make a ton of difference in routine physical labor. You won’t be making any sacrifices in terms of build quality for all that beauty as well.

This belter of a nailer packs high-end aluminum construction along with heat-treated steel parks. This goes to show the overall quality put on display.

This 18-gauge cleat nailer for bamboo is built well and has all the necessities to keep the internal components clean.

It comes with a built air filter that keeps the dust away from crucial components and thus the machine running at full flow.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in elegant color that stands out from the rest
  • Dual handle keeps the spine in good shape during work
  • High strength aluminum construction ensures resistance against minor drops
  • No-mar base plates ensure quality finished surfaces
  • The padded grip on the mallet ensures safe operation and efficiency


If you are looking for a nailer that’s feature-packed, stylish, and comfortable, then this gem is what you are looking for.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Nailer for Bamboo Flooring

Now that you are all excited to get your bamboo flooring done, here is a quick buying guide to purchase the nailer for the task.


What you need to remember first and foremost is the size of the nailer you are going to use for the project. You can opt for 16 to 18-gauge nailers as they as mostly used for flooring projects.

But as mentioned earlier, it’s wiser to plan the projects and make the pick as recommended by the flooring manufacturer.


Weight is a crucial factor if you are going to use a tool for hours. The same goes for your bamboo nailer.

Having a lightweight tool will help you put more effort into your work. Make sure that the bamboo flooring nailer you will be purchasing can be maneuvered effortlessly.


You will find various sorts of nailers up for grabs. Some of the major types you will find, in this case, are manual and pneumatic ones.

The pneumatic ones are effortless to use but will take up some space for the air condenser. On the other hand, the manual ones are labor-dependent as they require the use of a mallet.


Nailers aren’t cheap. You need to look for brands that users adore for their build quality and performance in the long run.

You need to look for nailers that feature premium build quality that will last for several projects and get your money’s worth.

Best Nailer For Bamboo Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

What size nailer do I need for bamboo flooring?

Ans. You can opt for an 18 gauge or 16-gauge nailer for bamboo flooring.

Do you need to nail down bamboo flooring?

Ans. If you are looking to nail down the bamboo flooring over joists, it’s recommended to nail it down.

Are Floating floors noisy?

Ans. Floating floors are not noisy when installed correctly.

Can I Nail Down Bamboo Flooring?

Ans. Yes, nailing down is one of the most common ways of installing bamboo flooring.


This brings us to the end of today’s discussion. As bamboo flooring is an art itself, installing it is also considered an art. And a nailer can be considered the paintbrush that will combine everything.

Still, confused about the best nailer for bamboo flooring? You can go for the Bostitch Flooring Stapler for Engineered Hardwood. It packs all the necessary features to have a successful day at work. The durable build, handy grip, and adequate grip are spot on.

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