Best Finish Nailer for Hardie Trim: Reviews And Buying Guides

If you’re thinking of replacing the wood door frame with Hardie trims, you will need the right finish nailer to get the job done.

You might be thinking about which finish nailer to get so that your trims don’t split or break off. Also, an efficient finish nailer will make your work faster.

You also want the nails to be in an accurate position and depth. All these factors may get you confused about the perfect one.

Think no more! With the help of the best finish nailer for Hardie trim, you will be able to finish the project fast and with precision. Whoever sees your work will say that you nailed it!

Can You Use A Finish Nailer for Hardie Trim?

The answer is, yes, you can!

You can use a finish nailer for Hardie trim installation process. It is necessary to use the finish nailer for holding the trims in place.

There are different trim sizes. You have to give them enough support to stay there. Finish nailer can provide that.

The brad nailer only holds the trims when you are installing. Thus, you don’t need to use putty. However, the finish nailer does so and more!

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Why should you choose finish nailer for Hardie trims? Here’s the answer.

The finish nailer uses 15/16G nails to finish the job. That is why it is called the finish nailer or the finishing nailer. You use it at the end to give strength to the work you’ve done. It finalizes the work and ensures that it stays there for long and strong.

The installation manual suggests that you use 2-inch 16-gauge nails on the trims. These nails will hold the trims in place with strength.

The nails need to be corrosion resistant. Also, the right kind of nail is the stainless-steel one. If you choose to use 15GA nails, that will also get the job done.

Best Finish Nailer for Hardie Trim Reviews

Here we meticulously picked the top three finish nailer for Hardie trim according to our preferences. Each has its unique feature that might accommodate your need. Here is what they have to offer.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Finish Nailer

Tired of carrying a hose around the house when you are attaching those trims? Now you can work freely, without it holding you back.

DEWALT 20V MAX is an electric finish nailer that does not need a cord. The design is to promote the free movement of the workers.

Therefore, they eliminated any extra attachments that hold you back. With this nail gun, you can move around the house freely.

The electronic finish nailer uses a lithium-ion 20v battery to power the nail gun. Thus, the need for a cord is eliminated.

Also, there is no need for a hose, gas, and compressor. The nail gun operation is easier and manageable because of this feature.

The brushless motor increases runtime and makes the nail gun more durable. This motor is better than the brushed motor because it lasts longer. Although, it is more costly than the other.

This drives 15-gauge angled finish nails that range from 1-1/4-inch to 2-1/2-inch. You can use it on trims and other hardwood projects. It is ideal to finish and hold the pieces in place as 15-gauge nails have high holding strength.

The micro nose design lets you place the nail accurately. It is compact and improves the line of sight. Therefore, you can see the direction of the nails better in comparison to broader nose designs.

The depth adjustment setting lets you place the nails at your desired depth according to the type of material.

It also has LED lights to illuminate the project and also inspection of the finishing nail gun. This finish nailer has a trigger for sequential firing and bumps firing.

Highlighted Feature

  • The finish nailer can drive 1-1/4-inch to 2-1/2-inch nails, which should be 15GA.
  • The tool-free jam clearing option lets you work faster.
  • Uses a lithium-ion battery to power the gun.
  • The brushless motor lasts longer.
  • Has LED light for working in low-light areas.


The right tool for household repairing and DIY projects. If you are going to use only 15GA nails, it is worth getting. Since it is battery-powered, you don’t have to have the hassle of buying an additional compressor.

2. Metabo HPT Finish Nailer Kit

How to know a finish nailer’s effectiveness? The professional builders have practical suggestions for the best finish nailer for Hardie trims.

The Metabo HPT finish nailer kit got the recommendations of pro builders in Builder and Developer Magazine for 7 years straight.

That achievement alone makes this finish nail gun worth giving a try for at-home trim attachment projects.

This Metabo finish nailer is a straight-arm one. It lets out 16-gauge finish nails at a pretty high speed. The nail sizes can vary from 1-in to 2-1/2-in. This range covers the Hardie trim requirements and other wood projects as well.

While you do repair jobs around the house, carrying a heavy nail gun is exhausting. That is why this finish nailer is lightweight but has a bigger build. It weighs 3.7 lbs. and has a nice grip. This means it will not exhaust you when you are working.

The trigger has a different mode setting. The selective actualization switch helps to set different modes.

You can switch between bump firing and sequential firing. The sequential firing has the benefit of safety that will prevent any mishap during your work.

The bump firing mode lets you work faster and get the job done in no time. However, this is riskier as it does not have the safety feature on it.

It has a depth adjustment setting. This lets you adjust nail perforation in the trim according to the material.

The 360-degree air exhaust is a smart addition. You can turn the exhaust away from your face when you work so that the air does not distract you.

Highlighted Features

  • The nails range is 16GA and 1-in to 2-1/2-in.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • This finish nailer has a selective actualization switch to reduce finger fatigue.
  • The 360-degree air exhaust prevents air from hitting your face while you work.
  • It is very lightweight to work with.


It is one of the most popular pneumatic finish nailer guns. You can work around the house easier. Also, it is workable in compact areas. It is a pro favorite, thus, reliable.

3. Makita AF601 Straight Finish Nailer

Imagine you start nailing a trim on the side of your window, and the finisher gin dry fires. Now you have to keep it hanging and reload it. This can be frustrating.

Makita AF601 straight finish nailer has a special feature that does not let the gun dry fire. It is a lockout system that locks the nails.

It automatically stops firing when you are down to the last few nails. This saves you from frustrating situations.

The quick-release mechanism helps to clean the jam tool-free. You just have to open the front to clear the nails. There is no need for poking tools or screws to do so. Also, the process is fast and easy. So, you can resume your work in an instant.

This tool is pneumatic and uses a hose and compressor. It is lightweight, and the body is made up of magnesium. This makes it durable and easy to carry around.

The finish nailer uses a powerful motor to drive the nails. It drives 16GA nails that have lengths from 1 inch to 2-1/2 inches.

This makes it ideal for working o Hardie trims and other hardwood projects. You have to adjust the nail depth according to the material. Then shoot the nails at the intended depth.

The 360-degree exhaust blows the air out of the gun in the opposite direction of your face. This doesn’t break your concentration when you work. The 2-mode selector lets you choose between the sequence firing mode and the bump firing mode.

Highlighted Features

  • Drives straight 16GA 1 inch to 2-1/2 inches nails.
  • The exhaust is 360-degree to release in the opposite direction of the worker.
  • The lockout feature doesn’t let your nail gun dry fire.
  • It uses a powerful motor to drive the nails.
  • Offers 3-year warranty.


The finish nailer has a unique feature that sets it apart from the other competitors. The lockout system is really helpful. It jams less in comparison to other finish nailer guns.

Things to Consider When Buying A Finish Nailer for Hardie Trim

The Weight of The Gun

Which material goes into the making the body of the gun determines how heavy it is going to be. The gun may look compact but weigh more, and a bigger gun may weigh less.

A heavy nail gun will cause early fatigue. This is a big draw that you need to consider before buying.

The Power Sources

There are pneumatic and electronic nail guns available nowadays. The pneumatic ones are older and have impressive performance records. However, the electronic ones are catching up and give almost the same performance.

If you use multiple gauge nailers for work, then buying a compressor is worth it. You get the whole pneumatic setup. If you only use one nailer, an electronic one is better.

Right Gauge and Nail Length

There is a specific instruction for the Hardie trims to be installed. The brad nailer and the pin nailers don’t have enough strength to hold the pieces in place for a long time.

The finish nailer with 16GA and 2-in nail length range are perfect for the job. You can go for 15GA also. The best finish nailer for Hardie trims must have this feature.


Your movement around the workspace is crucial for a perfect job done. Electronic cordless make the movement free.

No hose and cord are holding you back. However, the right type of hose will move along with you. Therefore, you need to meticulously consider this factor which suits you the best.


All the new models have a safety feature built into them. If it is not there, do not consider buying because safety comes first.

Tips for Using A Finish Nailer Gun

Following these 3 tips will help you use your finish nailer more efficiently and get your works done without burning many calories.

Point the Finish Nailer Perpendicular to The Board

Due to the nature of the nails, they tend to bend sideways and poke out. That can be very dangerous if your finger is in the way. When shooting the nails, keep your fingers away from the board

Also, place the point perpendicular to the board. With the help of this trick, the nails don’t bend out. The bend inside the board even if you place it at the edge.

Place the Finish Nailer in The Center

Placing the nail on the center of the board reduces the chances of poking out and ruining your project. Also, the benefits of using this trick are you save your finger or hand from a very dreadful situation.

Try to Use the Safety Mode

Even if you are in a rush, try to use the sequential firing mode. It is safer to use in comparison to bump mode. This feature fires the nails slowly and more accurately.

You can place the nails with precision. On the other hand, the bump mode is fast, also sometimes shoots nails inaccurately. This may cause you a hand or finger injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which finish nailer is suitable for Hardie trim?

Ans. The right type of finish nailer for James Hardie trim is 16-gauge ones. You can use 2-in 16-gauge nails with the finish nailer gun.

Also, you can use the 15-gauge finish nailer gun with the trim. However, the first one is recommended installing guide.

When to use a 15-gauge finish nailer?

Ans. The 15-gauge finish nailer is used to hold heavy pieces together for a long time. The brad nails will not do the job. This to hold everything in place, you have to use the finish nailer.

Straight vs. angled finish nailer, which one is suitable for Hardie trim?

Ans. Angled finish nailers are more suitable for compact spaces. It has more strength than the straight nailer. If you want to set the trim in a tricky place, then use the angled one.

Is an electronic finish nailer as good as the pneumatic one?

Ans. The electronic finish nailer has come a long way. Now quality brand electric finish nailers perform as well as the pneumatic ones.

In pneumatic finish nailers, you can adjust the depth with psi and depth adjustment knob. Electric ones only have the depth adjustment knob to adjust the level of perforation.

Finish nail gun for hardie trim

Final Words

Many finish nailer brands and models are available in the market now, but not all have the same durability and longevity.

The best finish nailer for Hardie trim is your trusted DIY project companion. This companionship should last years and serve the way you want.

Therefore, making the right choice is crucial in the long run. Since this is a one-time investment, we would recommend you compare and choose according to your needs. However, Metabo HPT Finish Nailer Kit is our top choice when we consider getting a Hardie nail gun. You can get a strong ending with the perfect one.